Kapuhala chocolate is a rare and prized variety of chocolate. Developed for athletes, but is enjoyed by all!

Almond and Sesame Seed Brittle Bars

Traditional Sicilian brittle bars made with all organic ingredients. Produced in Sicily.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil 500ml

Kapuhala’s in-house extra virgin olive oil uses Moresca olives, native to Sicily, Italy.  Our olives are grown at Kapuhala’s heritage farm in Sicily, where we are committed to bringing back traditional ways to ensure highest possible quality and flavour standards.

Kapuhala Sicilian Wine and Chocolate Hamper

Each of our Sicilian Wine and Chocolate Hamper includes two bottles of premium wines and three boxes of raw chocolates from Sicily. 


Our wines, Polyphemus and Principi di Kapuhala, come from the sun-kissed fields of Sicily where the best Nero d’Avola grapes are produced. There, the Kapuhala vineyard grows and produces certified, dry-farmed organic wine under the guidance of the visionary oenologist Salvo Foti. Polyphemus and Principi di Kapuhala are both low in sulphites, making our wine healthier and a natural choice for the true wine lover. The authentic Old World heritage can be tasted in every sip thanks to the deep, rich, and full-bodied flavours of our high quality Nero d’Avola grapes.

Cocoa Bars

Get. ready for the next stage in the evolution of fine chocolate!

Kapuhala cocoa bars contain no refined sugar and are delicately sweetened by organic honey harvested from local farms in the hills of Sicily.

Our all-natural honey is easy to digest, gentle on blood sugar levels and packed with enzymes and nutrients.

Enjoy our unique cocoa bars as a health conscious snack, quick energy boost before training or as a delectable, guilt free treat!

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