Our products

Nutrition is an important aspect of our mission. We aim to deliver only the best quality foods with exceptional flavour made from pure and unadulterated ingredients, grown on our land in Sicily or sourced by us from trusted partners.

Kapuhala Sicily is home to our Heritage Farm and Training Retreat that we are currently building. On our family run, 25-hectare farm we grow a whole range of produce such as lemons, almonds, apricots, grapes, olives and much more.

As our headquarters are in HK, we have a unique opportunity to share our amazing Sicilian products with you. We now deliver all over Hong Kong.

Why Kapuhala Food?

At Kapuhala we strongly believe that the food we consume has a direct impact on our athletic performance, appearance and overall well-being.

By sharing our harvest with people in HK and around the world we hope to raise awareness of the importance of eating clean, ecological and responsibly produced and sourced food.