The vegetable, fruit, and berry ingredients are brightly colored and non-oxidized, as the powders are protected from heat, UV light and moisture from start to finish. EssentiaGreens™ contains three times the amount of chlorophyll as compared to other formulations, and the chlorella is a specially cultivated, easy-to digest strain with a soft cell wall vs. hard cell strains requiring nutrient depleting “cracking” methods. Unlike other greens powders, we never add inexpensive fillers or bulking agents (such as fiber, whole grasses, pectin, rice bran, or flax), which greatly dilute potency, can be a source of genetically modified material, and interfere with the bioavailability of the fragile phytonutrients. Every spoonful of PaleoGreens™ contains densely packed nutrition that intensely nourishes and strengthens every system in the body, resulting in sustained energy, enhanced recovery, mental clarity and overall well-being.

Acai Greens Power Smoothie