Try our brand new pair of Nero d’Avola wines and get a pack of raw chocolate for free!


Our wines, Polyphemus and Principi di Kapuhala, come from the sun-kissed fields of Sicily where the best Nero d’Avola grapes are produced. There, the Kapuhala vineyard grows and produces certified, dry-farmed organic wine under the guidance of the visionary oenologist Salvo Foti. Polyphemus and Principi di Kapuhala are both low in sulphites, making our wine healthier and a natural choice for the true wine lover. The authentic Old World heritage can be tasted in every sip thanks to the deep, rich, and full-bodied flavours of our high quality Nero d’Avola grapes.


Kapuhala’s raw, cold pressed chocolates are one of the healthiest chocolates in the market. Inspired by ancient Aztec chocolate-making methods, it is crafted using volcanic rock grinders and cold pressed into bars using only 3 ingredients – cacao beans, sugar and the finest natural ingredients. By keeping the temperatures low throughout the production process, we allow the chocolate to retain its naturally occurring antioxidants which are lost during the manufacturing of mainstream chocolate. 


Enjoy three different flavors for a fine Sicilian chocolate experience and pair them with as glass of our full-bodied Polyphemus or Principi di Kapuhala!

Kapuhala Sicilian Wine Pair (includes free chocolate!)


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