Kapuhala’s in-house extra virgin olive oil uses Moresca olives, native to Sicily, Italy.  Our olives are grown at Kapuhala’s heritage farm in Sicily, where we are committed to bringing back traditional ways to ensure highest possible quality and flavour standards. 


To extract our olive oil we use the continuous cycle cold-pressed method.  “Continuous cycle” refers to a non-stop proccessing of olives with virtually no interuptions between different extraction stages guaranteeing best possible oil grade. “Cold-pressed” indicates that at no time does the temperature exceed 27°C (80°F) during processing. Many industrial manufacturers use higher temperatures because this allows for more oil to be extracted from each olive.  Higher temperatures, however, deteriorate the antioxidants and natural benefits of the oil.  Even though cold-pressing is more labor intensive, it preserves the sought after polyphenols, antioxidants and other precious compounds of olive oil, making for a better product.


To preserve these natural benefits, it’s best to store our oil away from light and heat sources.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil 500ml